The club consists of a group of enthusiasts at various skill levels enjoying many styles of photography. We welcome new members of all ages and skill level; there is a pool of knowledge in the club available to all the members.

Our Programme is made up of lectures, competitions and club evenings. Club evenings are opportunities for informal presentations by members, light hearted competitions and a chance to get advice from others. We have members interested in a wide variety of subjects such as wildlife, railway engines, theatre shots, underwater photography, landscape, tabletops, candid shots and travel.

Subscriptions are due at the first meeting in September and are:
• Ordinary member: £50
• Each additional member of the household: £38
• Students: £20

For visitors there is a charge of £3 per meeting except for students for whom the charge is £1. Up to 3 lots of visitor’s fees are refunded when the visitor pays the subscription. Visitors may not enter competitions.