There are a number of different competitions that club members can enter.

Club Leagues

There are four rounds in each of the following leagues:

  • Projected
  • Printed Monochrome
  • Printed Colour

Any images with a score of 19 or 20 in those leagues will be put forward to enter the Inter-Club competitions. These competitions are generally limited to a set number of images and the choice of images to enter is made by the club committee.

Inter-Club Competitions

There are 3 inter-club competitions:

  • Rosebowl (Projected)
  • Bedfordshire Invitation (Printed)
  • 8-Way (Printed)

These are held in different competing clubs venues on a rotational basis.

Club Awards

There are three club awards:

  • Albert Beale Trophy
  • Carter Award
  • Jimmy Watts Award

The subjects of these awards tends to change year by year.