The first Competition was 5-Way, judged by Mike Maloney FRPS and won by Amersham.

Since then we have made the competition an 8-Way. Originally it was not going to be an annual event, but it has become one. The competition is by invitation only and is hosted by us.

Clubs that have taken part are Buckingham CC (which has been replaced by Watford CC), Croxley CC, Hertford & District CC, High Wycombe PS (now called Wycombe PS), New City PS, Park Street CC & XRR (Former employees of Rolls Royce) PS.

The competition started out alternating between slides and prints, but from 2008 it has become a print competition.

Subsequent winners below:

Winning Club Type Date Judge
XRR Slides 16.3.99 Mike Maloney FRPS
Buckingham PS Slides 26.2.02 Don Byatt ARPS MPAGB
High Wycombe Prints 18.2.03 Don Byatt ARPS MPAGB
St. Albans Slides 9.3.04 Mike Maloney FRPS
High Wycombe Prints 1.3.05 David Johnston FRPS
High Wycombe Slides 28.2 06 John Law FRPS
Wycombe Prints 27.2 07 Bob Norris APAGB AFIAP
XRR Prints 26.2 08 Paul Radden LRPS CPAGB
XRR Prints 24.2.09 Colin Southgate FRPS
St.Albans Prints 23.2.10 Dr. John Law FRPS
Wycombe Prints 15.2.11 Peter Tatton as judged failed to show.
Wycombe Prints 14.2.12 Chris Palmer ARPS AFIAP DPAGB APAGB
Wycombe Prints 19.2.13 Jay Charnock FRPS
New City Prints 18.2.14 Colin Southgate FRPS
Wycombe Prints 17.2.15 Mark Buckley Sharp ARPS