Projected Image Submission

Projected Image Submission Instructions

Image files must be in RGB mode (even for monochrome) and in the sRGB colour space. Other colour spaces include colours which cannot be displayed using sRGB. if you use another colour space then the colours may not be displayed as you wished.

The image file type must be ‘jpg’. Saving at a maximum jpg quality is recommended.

Projection size is 1400 x 1050 pixels. If your image is larger than this only parts of it will be displayed. If it is smaller then it will not fill the screen.

The image name is made up of three parts separated by an underscore (_) which are firstly the image title, secondly the author name and thirdly when the image should be projected. The author name and image title are self explanatory. There may be up to three image projection sessions A (two images projected before tea), B (one image projected after tea) and C (those images that will not be scored but the judge will provide constructive comments for).

When you submit our images you should have a maximum of 2 A images, 1 B image and maybe some C images

The files MUST be labelled as follows:

Mona Lisa_Leonardo da Vinci_A.jpg

This structure is ESSENTIAL as it tells the software how to handle the images and the scores they receive.

If any part of this information is incorrect your score could be attributed to different people (eg Some may be assigned to Leonardo da Vinci and others may be assigned to Loenardo da Vinci OR to Mona Lisa if you invert the image and author names). It is even possible that some of your images will not be included in the competition as the software expects two images for session A and one for session B. If you mis-label them they will not be included in the competition.

This year the image submission process will be carried out using DropBox (detailed instructions can be found at You will need to register (e-mail bulc.1518673718arema1518673718csnab1518673718lats@1518673718cesig1518673718id1518673718 to register) for this so DigiSec can set up the corresponding DropBox for each member.

The new submission protocol is to simplify competition preparation. This means that images will be uploaded directly into the software and WILL NOT BE CHECKED. Hence, any errors will only be visible when the image is displayed during the competition.


In the past members have mis-spelt their own names. Names have appeared before the title, or no name at all. Sometimes there has been no title, no underscore, no spaces, or spaces where an underscore should be and many entries have no A, B or C.

Please follow the ‘Mona Lisa’ example above each and every time. If you don’t, it’s highly probable the software will not load your image. Check and double check please. 

Even if you label your image correctly but do not use the correct size or colour space it may not be displayed properly and this could lead to poor marks from the judge.

Please help yourself AND DigiSec by following the above instructions.

Thank you